Master & Dynamic

has made some of the best headphones on the market, and part of the reason is the combination of luxurious sound and supercool design – and the headphones are equipped with the most advanced, yet user-friendly features! 

For both him and her The headphones are designed to suit both men and women. The design is streamlined, sophisticated and delicate. The small M logos on each pair of headphones are perfectly discrete and super-iconic at the same time. The headphones come in many different colours, so there is no doubt that you will be able to find a colour combination to fit your personal style. 

A tough choice? Wondering how to choose the best headphones? It might seem like a tough decision to choose between the on-ear- or over-ear headphones. But it is a matter of taste if you prefer to wear your headphones around or on top of your ears. It can be a good idea to consider if you want your headphones to be small or large: The over-ear headphones are bigger than the on-ears, because they are designed to be put around the ears. Oppositely, the on-ears are designed to be put onto the ears. 

But what about the sound? The over-ear headphones do not provide a better sound than the on-ears, even though you might have heard so. Both models are built to provide the best possible sound, so the question of quality does not have to be part of your decision! 

2-in-1 But actually, you no longer have to decide if your headphones need to be placed on or over ear: Master & Dynamic has created a genius set of headphones that are able to function as both! The brand calls the model a 2-in-1, which is exactly what the MW50+ BT headphones are. And don’t you worry: The 2-in-1 function does not force you to compromise when it comes to the sound experience. 

Need to stay focused? Master & Dynamic has named the MH40 headphones a ‘thinking cap’. This means that you get the opportunity to really focus or daydream while wearing the headphones. And we love that idea! The headphones are designed to be placed over-ear, and this way the noise around you will get reduced in the best way possible, so all you need to focus on is the music. The noise reduction can also help you to be extra concentrated, so you can also wear them without listening to music! 

Put the music into your ears! Wireless in-ear headphones have become widespread, and there are many different takes on how to give you the experience of freedom while listening to music. But no one has managed to create a set of earplugs that reach the level of Master & Dynamic’s! You get a unique sound experience thanks to the 10 MM beryllium drivers, resulting in a rich and expansive sound. And the technology speaks for itself: The wireless earplugs can be connected to a Bluetooth device from a 20+ meters distance, and the Bluetooth version is nothing less than 4.2 aptx™.

A stylish stand When you have invested in a pair of high-quality headphones and you use them on a daily basis, you also need the possibility to put them away while also being able to grab them again quickly. But if you store your headphones in a shelf or in a bag filled with other objects, they will take scratches and can even go out of shape. Master & Dynamic has found the solution: You need to have a stand, which can show off your headphones while protecting them at the very same time! Master & Dynamic has created the stand in a minimalistic and slim design so that the object can fit into every setting: You can use the stand at home, at your studio or at your workspace – the solution is genius no matter what. Welcome to a universe filled with sublime sound!