is a French brand that has over 200 years of experience. Back in 1806, the founder Frederic Japy began the journey that has resulted in the kitchen equipment maker, Cristel. The journey to Cristel’s present state as one of the best makers of pots and pans, has been a rather turbulent trip, which has provided multiple challenges such as shutting down, being taken over by banks, bankruptcy and illegal reopening by former employees at the last remaining factory. The name, Cristel, was chosen by the former employees after their work was finally accepted by local authorities. 

The definition of French innovation Cristel had an idea back in the late 80s. Pots, pans and other kitchen equipment should be of so high quality, that Cristels products could last a lifetime. This was something that Cristel was very good at, but the pots and pans should be more than just high quality. Cristel’s vision was that their kitchen equipment had to be beautifully designed, so that you would serve food directly from their pans and pots without sacrificing anything relating to build-quality. Back in the start 90s, it wasn’t common to serve food in a pot or from the pan, but with Cristels innovative solution with for example removable handles, kitchen equipment was all of a sudden something you would proudly put directly on the table.

The pots and pans from Cristel fit everything Cristel is nowadays still a guarantee for kitchen equipment in the highest quality available. Their pots and pans are not an obstacle for you and your cooking. Cristel pots and pans works with induction and are very easy to clean. Furthermore, they are made so that they take up very little space in your kitchen cabinets, which makes less of hassle trying to fit pots and pans in multiple cabinets. With the removable handles, you get the opportunity to personalize your kitchen equipment and they even fit on all of Cristel’s casseroles, soup pots, sauté pans and lids.