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was founded back in 1764, when the French King at the time Louis the 15th gave permission to construct a glass factory in Baccarat in France. First and foremost, the production consisted of glass for windows, mirrors and drinking glasses. Since then, the French crystal company has expanded their production, so it now comprises of other unique and extravagant crystal items. Today, the crystal items from Baccarat include drinking glasses, jewelry, candle holders, decanters, vases, bowls and even lamps – all of which are made from real, French crystals. 

What are crystals made from? Baccarat’s crystals are made through a lengthy process, which demands patience, precision and a steady hand. Granular sand is being mixed together with quarts, soda, ash and lead oxide, which become a fluid substance under extreme temperatures. The substance is treated through several processes making the substance solid. Afterwards, it is being blown, cut, grinded, engraved and gilded – depending on which crystal item is being created. Crystal is glass of the highest quality. And unlike regular glass, crystal is characterized by its special glow and the way it breaks the light. 

Award-winning craftsmanship Baccarat takes pride in the fact that they house the highest number of award-winning artisans compared to any other French house – the so-called ‘Meilleurs Ouvriers de France’. A prestigious title which arouses acknowledgement and respect, and which is only obtainable by exceptional distinction. It takes 15 years of dedication to the crystal craft for the artisans to be able to master all the techniques you need to possess, to exploit all the possibilities for sculpturing crystal. Unique and timeless ingenuity has made Baccarat one of the leading French Luxury houses in crystal manufacturing, which is why the brand has supplied quality products to satisfied customers, including Franklin D. Roosevelt and Marilyn Monroe, for more than 250 years. 

Special techniques the artisans’ timeless proficiency has shown valuable in the making of crystal items with a distinguished wealth of detail. For example, the Eye Vase from Baccarat is made from a very special technique where exterior horizontal cuts are combined with interior vertical cuts to create a magical visual effect and to let the crystal reflect the light in the most beautiful manner. Baccarat describes the Eye-vase as a “spiral of light”, and when the beam of the sun is incorporated in the gorgeous pattern, we understand why. 

Crystal glasses for every occasion! The French crystal house also creates glasses in crystal, and there is a glass for every occasion: wine glasses, cocktail glasses, water tumblers and lowballs for strong spirits – all made from clear, elegant crystal. The glasses come in sophisticated, red boxes, which also make the glasses ideal as fine gifts. Baccarat has created a box called “Cocktail Party in a Box” consisting of eight different cocktail glasses and tumblers, and the crystal glasses are both extraordinary and festive. You can also impress your guests by serving bubbly Champagne in the splendid Baccarat Mille Nuits Flutissimo, which are a true piece of art in themselves and would perhaps make the valuable drops taste even sweeter. 

Hand cut crystal jewelry If you prefer wearing your crystals instead of drinking from them, then take a closer look at the divine crystal jewelry from Baccarat. We are especially charmed by the crystal earrings Marie-Hélène de Taillac Pear Earrings, which are the perfect mix of simplicity and true French decadency. Wear them for everyday use or for special occasions. Maybe you are still looking for the perfect earrings for your wedding? The earrings from Baccarat will add that certain French ‘je ne sais quoi’ for your wedding outfit and at the same time function as your ‘something blue’. 

Créme de la créme With crystals from Baccarat you are sure to get true French luxury no matter what crystal product you are investing in. The crystals are cut and grinded by hand by skilled craftsmen, and if they find a crystal that has just the smallest flaw, they are discarded. Experience the best of the best, when you decorate your home, your dining table or your ears with the luxurious crystals from Baccarat. 

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