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was established back in 1764 and ever since, the French crystal company has made unique and extraordinary crystal ware that is different from everything we have seen. Baccarat is especially known for the elegant vases and glasses of crystal that are made from very special techniques.

Special cuts The Eye vase from Baccarat is made from a very special technique where exterior vertical cuts are combined with interior horizontal cuts to create a magical visual effect and to let the crystal reflect the light in a way no one has ever seen before. Baccarat describes the Eye-vase as a “spiral of light” – and we get why.

Crystal for every occasion Baccarat also creates glasses in crystal, and there is a glass for every occasion: Wineglasses, cocktail glasses, water tumblers, lowballs for strong spirits and champagne glasses for the bubbly occasions – all made from clear, elegant crystal. The glasses come in sophisticated, red boxes, which also make the glasses ideal as fine gifts. Baccarat has created a box called “Cocktail Party in a Box” consisting of eight different cocktail glasses and tumblers, and the crystal glasses are both extraordinary and festive. Furthermore, the French crystal company makes candle holders in crystal that are made from the same technique as the vases.  We haven’t seen anything similar! 

Only the best is good enoughAt we carefully pick out our brands, and therefore we only distribute the best brands. The French Baccarat never compromise when it comes to design or quality – and that is exactly why we love the crystal ware from Baccarat.