is a Swedish watch maker that creates classic wrist watches with a twist. A Kronaby watch is first and foremost a traditional watch with the addition of modern digital technology. Kronaby makes hybrid watches, which are designed to keep you connected – without distracting you. This means that a hybrid watch from Kronaby is a traditional watch to its core, but at the same time a smartwatch that easily connects to your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Modern technology, classic design and a battery that lasts 2 years Kronaby has redefined what a modern hybrid watch is supposed to do. The watch has to be everything you know from a classic wrist watch – Simple interface accompanied with timeless design. Furthermore, it has to be as smart as your smartphone, without making any compromises to traditional craftmanship with watch making. The many options with a Kronaby hybrid watch are almost infinite, but luckily it is very easy to set up so that the watch becomes functional for you, without distracting you from what really matters. When you set up the watch for the first time, it works seamlessly with the Kronaby app. The watch connects to your phone and is then fed with the exact time and many other things. Throughout the setup, you decide what you want the watch to do. If you only want notifications when your family sends you a text, you can easily enable this. Is your phone getting a call, you can accept the call directly from the watch with the click of a button. You can even play and pause your favourite podcast or playlist directly from the watch as well. All these functions may sound as the use a lot of battery power, but no. The battery in a Kronaby watch lasts for 2 years before it has to be recharged!

The watch with a great reputation The many features and the classic design have been noted by many throughout the world, and this has resulted in praise from magazines such as Elle, Vogue and Wallpaper. We understand this perfectly at We are crazy about the classic design and how Kronaby has been able to put so many smart functions into their watches. The watches comes in many different models and there is a watch for both men and women, take a look at Kronaby Apex and Kronaby Carat for example. Look forward to a hybrid watch that works with you – not against you.