Zalto Denk'art Glass

Zalto Denk’Art White Wine Glass

Unique elegance and lengthening of the wine’s life: white wine glasses from zalto denk’art 

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Zalto Denk’Art White Wine Glass
What is a good white wine without a glass at least as good? A wine glass is part of the whole wine experience, and therefore it is important that you drink your wine from the very right glass. 

Especially one thing is worth knowing when it comes to Zalto: The Denk’art collection from Zalto consists of the world’s best glasses. The collection has won the biggest wine glass test in the world – in all three categories of glass types! And that is why we do not hesitate to say that the white wine glasses are the best glasses in the whole world. Why? The glasses are made from the finest, most paper-thin crystal which is mouth-blown.  

Every single glass is corrected and fine-adjusted through a long process to make sure that each glass is flawless. A special characteristic of a Zalto glass is the thin stem, which exude high quality and elegance. You can spot a Zalto glass from a long distance – and a collection of Zalto glasses can be decorative on every shelf, in every cabinet – and at every party. 

A Zalto glass lengthens the life of the wine and allows the taste to fully develop. And the reason is the shape of the glass. Zalto got inspired by the shape of the earth’s slope when designing the glasses: The angles of the curve are respectively 24, 48 and 72 degrees. By making the curve in these exact angles, you make sure to bring out the best flavour and to lengthen the wine’s life. 

A Denk’Art White wine glass from Zalto is especially ideal for classic and fruity white wines and medium-plump red wines. Serve the wine in a Zalto glass when having guests over and tell them the story about the inspiration of the earth’s slope. They are going to love it. 

The white wine glass is especially good for
• Riesling
• Sauvignon Blanc
• Muskateller
• Frizzante
• Sangiovese
• St. Laurent
• Blaufränkisch

• Height: 23 CM
• Capacity: 400 ML
• Diswasher-proof
• Mouth-blown
• Lead-free

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