P. F. Candle Co.

P. F. Candle Co. Golden Hour Sunset Diffuser

Soothing and warm diffuser for the home – recover peace and grounding

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P. F. Candle Co. Golden Hour Sunset Diffuser
Experience soothing and aromatherapeutic effects with this Golden Hour Sunset Diffuser from P. F. Candle Co. The advantages of a reed diffuser are many. You probably already expect them to infuse your home with a beautiful fragrance, but did you know that diffusers can also be soothing for body and soul? If you have a sleeping disorder or find it difficult to remain grounded during busy times, the aromatic diffuser can help you recover your inner peace. The Golden Hour Sunset Diffuser is inspired by 1970s warm summer nights along the stunning Californian coast. 

Soothing fragrance – soothing design
The warm fragrance and design go hand in hand. Similar to the fragrance notes, which are warm and soothing, the glass vessel is the same. The earthy and golden tones provide a calm finish, which will not clash with your home décor—this is why the diffuser will suit any room. Experience how the soothing notes of bergamot, hay and golden poppy create a calm, aromatic atmosphere.

P. F. Candle Co.
Golden Hour Sunset Diffuser is a blend of naturally-derived and man-made fragrance oils, which are absorbed by the naturally-harvested rattan reeds. P. F. Candle Co. is a small independent company based in Los Angeles. The brand was established in 2008 by young entrepreneur Kristen Pumphrey, who had her big break in 2013 after receiving a large unexpected order for her first candle line. Today, the company is owned by Pumphrey and her husband Thomas Neuberger, who, in a close cooperation with their more than 60 employees, create luxurious fragrance products for you and your home. 

To increase the aromatic fragrance, flip the rattan weekly or as needed to refresh the scent—or simply spin the rattan. If you want a lighter, more subtle scent, you can remove a few reeds to reduce the intensity. 

• Diffuser for the home, 110 ml (3.75 fl oz)
• Bottle: 7.1 x 6.9 cm, reeds: 17.8 cm
• Lasts approximately 3-4 months
• Notes: bergamot, hay, golden poppy
• Ingredients: contains a blend of naturally-derived and man-made fragrance oils
• Keep away from sunlight
• Vegan and free from phthalates
• Does not involve animal testing

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